Friday, April 2, 2010

Tornado Sky: Sunrise

This interactive Electric Water Garden is a place for all of us to celebrate the resilience of our spirits in the face of adversity.
This is a wonderful opportunity to affirm that we believe against all odds our dreams are worth pursuing, and that in our hearts we know that they can come true!

The overall feel of the piece is somewhat of a modern Salvador Dali version of an Alice in Wonderland style mad scientists laboratory.
Every aspect of this installation holds symbolic reference to the flow of energy in life. From the street lamp lighting our way with a lightning bolt on top of the lamp post to remind us of the energy that is continually recharging the earth and a waterfall that continually recycles a flow of water as it is falling and rising simultaneously.

We are offered a seat to sit back and consider just where it is we are in life, while we look out over a pond surrounded by wildflowers and butterflies. Off in the distance we see an open steel frame house filled with images of fierce electrical energy and a grounding post to diffuse it's power back into the ground where it will recharge the earth once again.

The Butterfly Flower Garden portion of Tornado Sky: Sunrise is where you can dedicate a flower to your dreams.